Every woman likes to dress up and loves all her clothes. Therefore, usually it is very difficult for her to pack them in a suitable way to vacation trip. Their suitcases often look twice as big as men’s suitcases. But the worst is that women usually pack things, that they even half did not draw on his departure. Unnecessarily so, they are crushed and torn around the world. It is best to plan the trip accordingly and pack only those things that are needed.

Every woman before leaving her home and go to the vacation should prepare a detailed list of things, that she going to pack. This should serve her the initial elimination. The best way to success is to count the number of days and to pack just enough underwear. Besides, it is worthwhile to limit the practical things. It is best to pack two pairs of trousers, which fit all the blouses, jackets and sweaters. Besides, is always useful to have a one skirt and a dress for special occasions. You never know, what awaits us on vacation and it is worth being prepared for pleasant surprises. This shouldn’t be at all elegant dress. It is important to not crushed, it easily in a suitcase. In addition, it’s worth also adjust for comfortable shoes. Nobody needs of women on vacation, that they were running in heels. This is even received as strange from other people. Much better is to pack a suitcase nice big beautiful necklace or earrings, that will add to the whole outfit appropriate character. Sometimes these extras are able to completely transform a simple dress and make beautiful evening dress for women.

In the women’s luggage should never run out of comfortable shoes that will adapted to hiking. Besides, one pair may be more suitable for a night out, but it should also be comfortable shoes. You must also pack flip flops, because in most of hotels there are swimming pools and SPA zone. If we want to use them, useful can be also swimsuits. There is no sense take a few this outfits. It’s better to choose one, universal. Unless, that our holidays have a place by the sea. In this case, you can go ahead and invest in a second, completely different outfit. Don’t forget about a scarf or a hat on his head and sunglasses. Of course it’s important to take also cream with UV protection. It is better to choose more powerful filters and sunbathe longer, than the first day completely burn in the sun. You have to take care of the safety and health of your skin.

Also female cosmetics bag need on holiday not be abysmal. It’s better give up the make-up and put in the time simply naturalness. For sure we need to pack the good face cream and powder. Most hotels are shower gels, body lotions and shampoo. If, however, we know that we happen to allergies to some cosmetics, we better take proven creams. We don’t need to pack towels, bathrobes, and hair dryers. In most hotels there is also an iron. We need to remember also about all sorts of hygiene articles, as in some places we have limited access to them. A very important issue is the drugs that we take every day or occasionally. If we know, that we happen to bouts of back pain, indigestion or food allergies, let’s get together a small first-aid kit. It’s not always the opportunity to purchase a particular drug and getting to the doctor. It is better to be protect alone in this regard. The most important thing is to reduce to the minimum necessary items. It is better to bring interesting book than a ton of amenities and a heap of unnecessary clothes, that do not decide to even themselves dress up.