Who doesn’t dream about holidays in the city of lovers? The capital of France is considered the world’s most romantic place, where you can go on a trip with person close to your heart. Many couples is where vows to love, and men kneel before handing them beloved engagement ring. More than one woman said at the time that come true her biggest dream. Things to do in Paris often overshadow the city itself. Even the Americans know that Paris is the capital of France, which in their case is already a big achievement.

Eiffel Tower
It is the most famous symbol of Paris, which is a mandatory spot on every tourist map. The tower was a gift to France to commemorate the French Revolution. It was built in 1889. Tourists can easily enter the top of the tower and enjoy the incredible panorama of the city, which is breathtaking. We can accept a bet, that everyone who was in this place, promised himself that he would return here at least one more time in his (or her) life. For such a beautiful view is worth to drive thousands of kilometers even for a moment.

Louvre Museum
It is the most famous museum in Paris, as well as one of the finest in the world. Here there are exhibits, that have created the greatest artists in the world. You can admire the famous Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci. In the past Louvre served as the royal castle in Paris. This located on the Seine museum is one of the largest art collections in the world. Here there are cultural monuments of the Middle East, Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome. It’s mandatory point on the map of Paris, which can not miss even the greatest enemies of art. Louvre Museum is a place, when you just have to be and see everything with your own eyes.

Sorbonne University

It is here that the studies finishing Polish Nobel Prize winner, Maria Sklodowska-Curie. Among thanks to her, the University became famous around the world. It is the oldest university in France and one of the oldest in the world. Every year hundreds of tourists visiting the Sorbonne.

A visit to Paris can not do without a cruise on the Seine river, flowing through the center of the city. Many companies organize private cruises, that can be bought at the wharf. They do this also individuals, because it is a great interest of tourists, resulting primarily for profit.

Moulin Rouge
In one of the most dangerous districts of Paris is famous cabaret, opened in 1889. It was under the famous windmill tourists are doing many photos. The unusual performance of dancers, which resemble the burlesque, are very popular with both locals and people who visit Paris. The most famous dance, that is performed here, is the cancan, whose photos are know around the Earth.

French cuisine

What would be a visit in Paris without a taste of French baguettes and wine on the Champs Elysees? The best to choose those with smaller, secluded bakeries that serve truly homemade pastries. You should to try also frogs’ legs and snails, which so gorge themselves all citizens of France. For lovers of desserts is recommended to French crepes (pancakes, which are sold as Hamburgers) – wrapped in napkins, to buy at roadside stands. It should taste the famous macaroons, cookies on a flour-based almond, who love all Parisienne, as well as celebrities from around the world.

What to bring from Paris?
Of course the thumbnail Eiffle’a Tower. You can buy them at every stall souvenir. They occur as separate figures, key chains, fridge magnets. There are T-shirts, pens, pen-drives and cups. The French did with the Eiffle Tower largest business, how they could. No wonder that hear the word Paris, everyone has before his eyes this symbol.